Type :
Wooden steam ship
Launched  :
Builder :
Young,  Son & Fletcher
Rozelle, NSW
Gross weight :
129 tons/151 tons after 1916
Dimensions :
105.00 x 21.70 x 8.50 (feet)/106.0 x 22.20 x 10.00 (feet) after 1916
Passenger capacity :
Speed :
12 knots

Carabella (as originally named) was one of the fleet of vessels owned by North Shore Steam Ferries. She had a sister ship, the Wallaroo.

After being taken over by Sydney Ferries Limited in 1916, she was rebuilt & renamed to Karabella.

Karabella was laid up after the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932 but was returned to service again in 1936.

On the 30th April 1943 she was sold to the US Navy for 3,500 pounds. She was used as a service and supply ship . The Navy took her and two other ferries (Karaga & Kiamala) away from Sydney and her final wherabouts is unknown.