Type :
Iron paddlewheel steamer
Launched  :
Builder :
J T Eltringham
South Shields, England
Gross :
67 tons/91 tons after 1853
Dimensions :
36.85 x 6.30 (metres)
Passenger capacity :
Speed :

Commodore was an iron paddlewheel steamer  built as the first new vessel of the Port Jackson Steamboat Company.

She mainly worked as a tug but operated as a weekend excursion boat for the Manly trade and also as a spare boat. During this time she worked with the other ships of the Port Jackson Steamboat Company; Irresistible, Emu and Port Jackson. All had similar roles.

Ultimately she was sold to J and A Brown of Newcastle in 1898. Under her new owners, she worked both Sydney and Newcastle harbours as a tug until the late 1920s. She is commonly regarded as Australia's last ocean going paddle tug.

Commodore was scuttled off Newcastle in 1931 having been laid up since 1928.

Commodore now rests on sand in 36 meters of water. The bow area can be made out and has been reduced to sand level. The stern is a little more intact with the rudder lying alongside the sternpost. A large scotch boiler lies central in the hull.