Cygnet II/Eagle


Type :
Wooden steam ship
Launched  :
Builder :
W Dunn
Berry's Bay, NSW
Gross weight :
74 tons
Dimensions :
78.40 x 16.60 x 6.80 (feet)/839.0 x 16.60 x 6.80 (feet) after 1898
Passenger capacity :
Speed :

Eagle was built for the Parramatta River - Hunters Hill - Lane Cove routes and ran on these until 1898 when a bolier flash (caused by a pressure drop in the boiler which creates turbulent conditions and forces steam out of the boiler) killed one of her engineers.

As Cygnet, she is known to have had a run in with the Colac in October of 1898.

She was withdrawn from service and rebuilt, re-emerging with a new name - Cygnet II.

She was one of the fleet of small ferries absorbed into Sydney Ferries Limited when they began expanding their business in the early years of the 20th century.

She was sold to private concerns in 1931 who converted her into a houseboat. No information is available as to her final disposal.