Type :
Screw steam ship
Launched  :
Builder :
Edwards and Symes
London, England
Gross :
136 tons
Dimensions :
109.00 x 20.00 x 9.00 (feet)
Passenger capacity :
Speed :
11 knots

Irresistible was an iron screw steamer that mainly operated as a tug during her career. She was used as an excursion steamer on weekends and holidays.

By 1898 she was considered a surplus boat and was sold to J and A Brown Tugs.

She was scuttled on August 27th, 1931

The wreck of the Irrresistible sits upright on sand in 25 meters of water. The boiler has been moved over to port out of alignment with the hull. The huge compound engine lies over to port. The propeller is still in position and a large winch lays to port. The hull has been reduced to sand level. The bow area can identified by the anchor hawser hole.