Type :
Wooden screw steamer
Launched  :
Builder :
Morrison & Sinclair Ltd
Balmain, NSW
Gross weight :
137 tons/144 tons after 1912
Dimensions :
115.00 x 25.00 x 9.70 (feet)/112.00 x 25.80 x 10.20 (feet) after 1912
Passenger capacity :
Speed :
12 knots/11 knots after 1912

In the early years of the 20th century, Sydney Ferries embarked on a major ferry building campaign. Increased patronage on the harbour routes saw a large number of new vessels enter the trade. Most of these ferries were of a similar design - the so-called 'K class'. Kuranda was one of these & broadly very similar to many of her sisters built at the same time.

Kuranda had possibly the shortest career on the harbour. Two years after her launch, on March 22nd, 1911, she caught fire and burnt out. The next year she re-emerged as a substantially new vessel, Kaludah.

Kaludah's eventual fate is unknown.