Type :
Wooden steam ship
Launched  :
Builder :
David Drake Ltd
Balmain, NSW
Gross weight :
309 tons
Dimensions :
131.20 x 36.90 x 11.70 (feet)
Passenger capacity :
49 passengers/33 vehicles
Speed :
10 knots

Killara was a near sister to the Kedumba

After the opening of the Sydney harbour Bridge in 1932 Kedumba had been sold to Victorian concerns to operate as a vehicular ferry between Stony Point and Cowes on Westernport bay. Unfortunately Kedumba sank en-route so Killara was purchased to fill the role. She travelled south under her own steam and in 1933 began her new job.

By 1942 she was taken out of service due to increasingly high running costs. The war had also bitten into her market with less vehicles and passengers now utilising her.

She remained laid up in Melbourne for the next nineteen years until she was towed to Launceston (Tasmania). She was broken up there in 1961.