Type :
Steel screw steamer
Launched  :
Builder :
NSW Government Dockyard
Newcastle, NSW
Gross weight :
313 tons
Dimensions :
137.00 x 35.90 x 11.00 (feet)
Passenger capacity :
190 passengers/28 vehicles
Speed :
10 knots

Kooroongaba was the last car ferry constructed in New South Wales and the first of the four final big vehicular punts introduced onto the harbour. Even though the Sydney Harbour Bridge was only eleven years away, these four big vessels were needed to cope with the large increase in cross-harbour traffic.

Like others in the fleet, after the bridge opened she operated in service as a cargo carrier. Sold in 1932 to the Commissioner for main Roads, she was relocated to Newcastle and operated once again as a vehicular ferry until yet another bridge made her redundant for the final time.

Kooroongaba, along with Lugurena, Kalang and Koondooloo set off on her final journey to the Phillipines in January 1972. like the others, she never made it. She was the first of the four to sink, being wrecked off Crowdy Head shortly after leaving Newcastle. Not long after the rest were aground at Trial Bay.