Lady Rawson

Lady Rawson

Type :
Wooden screw steamer
Launched  :
Builder :
Morrison & Sinclair Ltd
Balmain, NSW
Gross weight :
172 tons
Dimensions :
117.30 x 27.50 x 11.00 (feet)
Passenger capacity :
Speed :
12 knots

Lady Rawson was the biggest of the early Lady ferries. Her size and carrying capacity was equal to some of the big steamers operating the cross harbour route for Sydney Ferries Ltd.

Her  owners (Balmain New Ferry Company) needed a large ship on the Balmain run as passenger numbers were increasing rapidly. She became the flagship of the BNFC and was also Sydney Harbour's first concert boat, a role in which she was very popular prior to the start of the First World War.

Along with her sisters, she was taken over by Sydney Ferries Ltd in 1917 when they absorbed her parent company.

Lady Rawson was yet another of the many ferries that were pensioned off after the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Along with seventeen other vessels, she was sold to be broken up in 1934.