Long Reef

Long Reef

Type :
Launched  :
Builder :
Cantiere Navale Leopoldo Rodriguez
Messina, Italy
Gross weight :
64 tons
Dimensions :
28.96 x 5.85 (metres)
Passenger capacity :
Speed :
32 knots

Long Reef was one of five broadly similar hydrofoils, being of type PT50.

Long Reef was one of the four hydrofoils that was sold back to her builder after they had been withdrawn from service. By 1990 they hade outlived their usefulness. The number of breakdowns that the hydrofoils regularly experienced meant that they were unable to provide a regular and reliable service. To run a double hydrofoil service it was necessary to have a fleet of between six and seven hydrofoils. Their reliability became poor. During the 1980's hydrofoil operation sank to a low of 67 per cent reliability. The highest level of reliability achieved was 92 per cent. In view of the new technology available with the purchase of the JetCats, at less cost - about one-third of the price of new hydrofoils - hydrofoils had become redundant.

Long Reef was retired in 1991.