Louise Sauvage

Louise Sauvage

Type :
Steel catamaran
Launched  :
March 2001
Builder :
Garden Island, NSW
Gross weight :
49 tons
Dimensions :
37.76 (metres)
Passenger capacity :
Speed :
24 knots

Louise Savauge is one of four SuperCats, the others being her sister vessels Mary MacKillop, Suzie O'Neill & SuperCat 4. She was the third of her class to be built.

Louise Sauvage is named after an Australian paralympian.

At 6.00pm on the 12th of May, 2004 Louise Savauge experienced a failure in her steering system as she approached Rose Bay Wharf. The collision (at speed) resulted in the ferry climbing the steps of the wharf (which collapsed) and wedging herself upon the timber pylons. The Master moved all passengers to the stern of the vessel, this allowed to bow to become free and the vessel to be backed out. Of the 160 passengers on board only two reported minor injuries. Fortunately damage to the ferry was light and she was able to return to service the following day.