(c) C Bayliss


Type :
Wooden paddlewheel steamer
Launched  :
Builder :
Money, Wigram and Company
Northam, England
Gross :
105 tons
Dimensions :
29.29 x 5.10 metres
Passenger capacity :
Speed :

Early wooden paddlewheel steamer. Built with a clipper bow and a high counter stern.

Mystery appears to have spent the first few years of her life operating in the country where she was built. Between 1867 and 1874 she operated in Melbourne as a ferry and tug between that city and Geelong. In 1874 she was sold to the Hesselton-Parker partnership in Sydney and commenced her operation as a Manly ferry. By 1877 she had been sold to the Port Jackson Steamboat Company who used her as a ferry until 1893.

She was laid up from 1893 until 1899 when she was sold. Her hulk was converted into a punt. Like her name, there is no indication of her final fate.