Fairy Queen

13th August, 2007

I've been a little slack lately (sorry)! This has been due to a move, however,
there's a few updates being done thanks to Graeme Andrews providing me
with some material on some of the older ferries, plus some an update to the
lady Cutler restoration page.

17th June, 2007

The new site is rapidly being filled. Two major categories are still to be done - Private Fleets & Harbour  Paddlewheelers.

The new forums are open (and the old ones are now closed). The new forums have a gallery attached, be sure to visit it and upload your own pics.

In the 'Special Pages' we have our first entry. It's a blog that details the progress being made in the restoration of the Lady Cutler.

08th June, 2007

Work on the site is progressing well, I'm slowly making my way through the post-1880 harbour ferries (the largest category of 'em all).

There will be a special "feature" page on the Lady Cutler this weekend coming - there is an enormous amount of current material coming in from her owners. It's great to see that one of the harbours' ferries is being looked after & put back into service - the last year has been seriously dismal for Sydney's ferries - Kooleen scrapped, Lady Street scrapped, Lady Chelmsford nearly sinking & Lady Wakehurst now layed up with a cloud on her future. North Head is now permanently grounded in Cairns - although conservation work has begun we cannot help but note that she has deteriorated badly & her last owner did much damage to her interior fittings, engines & fabrics. And then before selling her off, raped as much of her fittings as he could. And last but certainly not least, my favourite Manly ferry - Baragoola - still lies decaying & forlorn at Balls Head.