Palm Beach

Palm Beach

Type :
Launched  :
Builder :
Cantiere Navale Leopoldo Rodriguez
Messina, Italy
Gross weight :
64 tons
Dimensions :
28.96 x 5.850 (metres)
Passenger capacity :
Speed :
32 knots

Palm Beach was one of five broadly similar hydrofoils, being of type PT50.

Palm Beach was not bought new. Prior to coming to Sydney she had been used in Macau, Hong Kong. She arrived in April of 1978 (as deck cargo) and did not commence operation until September of that year. She was called the 'Hong Kong Con' as upon her arrival she was found to be unusable. The extended period between delivery to service was used to bring her up to scratch. She required considerable work - the foils were suspect and the engines required a complete overhaul. Ultimately both Curl Curl and Fairlight donated parts to get her running.

She was retired from service in 1985.

Palm Beach (like Dee Why) was scrapped at Homebush Bay in 1988. Only her mast remains extant in private ownership.