Pam Burridge

Pam Burridge

Type :
Steel catamaran
Launched  :
Builder :
Gross weight :
35 tons
Dimensions :
29.60 (metres)
Passenger capacity :
Speed :
22 knots

Pam Burridge is one of two HarbourCats, the other being her sister vessel Anne Sargeant.

Pam Burridge is named after the Australian surfing champion born in 1965 who competed in her sport between 1977 and 1999.

At 10.50pm on the 28th of March 2007, Pam Burridge collided with the privately owned motor launch Merinda. As a result of the collision, 4 of the 12 passengers onboard Merinda were fatally injured making this the worst ferry accident on Sydney Harbour since the sinking of the Greycliffe in 1927.