Pelican I (left) & Emu (right)


Type :
Iron paddlewheel steamer
Launched  :
Builder :
C J Mare and Co
Blackwall, England
Gross :
42 tons
Dimensions :
27.55 x 4.38 metres
Passenger capacity :
Speed :

Pelican was one of two near identical sister ships (the other being Emu I) both built in England and assembled in Sydney from imported frames. She was, like Emu, an iron paddlewheel steamer.

Her first trip to Manly was on the 6th of December 1855. She was one of  a group of vessels that had been brought into service when Manly was opened up around 1854 and a boom in passenger travel was underway.

In 1855 Pelican collided with her sister, Emu. Both ships had damage to their paddle boxes but no injuries amongst the passengers were reported.

Pelican was wrecked on April the 3rd, 1888.