Vaucluse II


Type :
Wooden steam ship
Launched  :
Builder :
Rock Davis
Blackwall, NSW
Gross weight :
121 tons
Dimensions :
139.50 x 23.30 x 9.00 (feet)
Passenger capacity :
Speed :
14 knots

Vaucluse was one of the fleet of fast ferries that serviced the Watson's Bay run prior to their being taken over by Sydney Ferries Ltd in 1917. She was the fastest inner harbour ferry, a feat not equalled until the arrival of the RiverCats 87 years after she was built.

An anecdote tells of a regular race that was held by the Vaucluse and the Manly steamer Burra Bra. These two vessels used to race each up up and down the harbour,. Though older, Vaucluse always beat the bigger Manly ferry. On the first time they raced, Vaucluse hoisted a broom on the fore and aft steering poles to commemorate her win. The master of the Burra Bra refused to ever concede defeat and the contest went on for many years.

In 1931, prior to the Sydney Harbour Bridge being opened, Sydney Ferries Ltd began to rationalise their fleet. As part of this, Vaucluse was sold to Newcastle to operate as a ferry for the dockyards in that city.

Her final fate is uncertain.